What is your job at Torni and how long have you worked here?

I’ve been working at Torni’s reception for about 18 months. My work focuses on customer service, but is very versatile. Reception is a link between the different departments of the organisation, which adds another, important element to my work, namely co-operation with Torni’s restaurants, bars and room service.

How does Torni reflect Finnishness and how do you see its international aspects in your work?
I think Torni combines Finnishness and internationality in an interesting way. Finnishness is reflected in the restaurant’s menu and throughout the building in the works and pieces created by Finnish artists and designers. On the other hand, I think Torni’s overall visual landscape is very cosmopolitan and not necessarily typically Finnish. In fact, many of our customers think Torni is a small-scale version of New York’s boutique hotels. We get lots of visitors from all around the world, and that, of course, adds a breath of cosmopolitan atmosphere.

What makes customers return to Torni? What do they particularly like about the hotel?
Our customers praise Torni’s staff all the time and it really feels as though they appreciate our attentive service. We always look after our customers very well and I think that’s what makes them come back to Torni.

What are Torni’s strengths compared with other hotels in Helsinki?
Our unique history, definitely! Many people find the hotel’s past fascinating, for example the time the Allied Control Commission resided here. We also stand out with our individual and interesting style that really puts the finishing touches to our unique restaurant.

Most memorable events or guests?
Different seasonal themes and events of the house add a nice touch and spark up the everyday. The main thing that comes to mind is the Design Week that was organised in the autumn of 2007. During the week the design boutique Asuna, located on Fredrikinkatu, was our guest at the reception introducing their beautiful creations. The entire staff were also given Lustwear T-shirts to wear as part of our work uniform. It was really cool and inspiring! Now I’m looking forward to the New York Spices theme, which kicks off in October and will turn Torni into a small bite of the Big Apple.