Terms of Use for www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service

The use of www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service, maintained by SOK, requires that the user complies with the Terms of Use for www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service laid down here below.

The www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service consists of several service entities. In addition to the Terms of Use laid down here below, an individual service entity can have its own Terms of use, which will be announced in the context of the service or at the time of joining the service.


The contents of the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service, including images, pictures, product details, trademarks, product marks, logos, etc., are proprietary to SOK or third parties, protected by Copyright Act and other laws. SOK reserves all rights to the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service including its contents, unless otherwise mentioned within the Terms of Use laid down here or in the web service.

User’s rights and responsibilities

The user is allowed to view, browse and print material from the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service for his/her own personal use. The user shall not, not even partially, copy or otherwise reproduce, transfer, distribute or save any contents of the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service, or use images, pictures, product details, trademarks, product marks, logos or other material contained in the web service without SOK’s prior written permission. The user is not allowed to use text or images for commercial purposes.

The user is entitled to use newsletters published in the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service for journalistic purposes solely on condition that the source of information is mentioned in the context of use.

Liability for the web service and its contents

SOK gives no warranties on the validity or reliability of the information presented in the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service. Product’s prices, images, pictures, product details, availability and all other material in the web service are published without any warranties. SOK cannot be held liable for possible direct or indirect damages caused by the information contained in the web service.

reserves the right at any time without prior notice, and for any reason, to change the Terms of Use, layout, content or availability of the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service as well as the services or other properties contained in the web service.

accepts no responsibility and gives no warranties on the uninterrupted or flawless functioning of the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service, nor takes any responsibility of its availability. Unless otherwise provided by mandatory legislation in Finland, SOK is not liable for any damages caused by use or unsuccessful use of the web service nor for any other damages caused thereof.

Services offered by third parties

www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service may contain links to web sites owned or maintained by third parties. When connecting to the said web sites, the user must read and agree to the possible Terms of Use posted at the said web sites before using the sites. SOK has no chance to affect on the contents of the web sites not created or published by SOK, nor is SOK liable for functioning, contents or other properties contained on the web sites maintained and/or supervised by third parties.

www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service may use techiques that require installation of applications and additional properties produced by third parties. SOK accepts no responsibility and gives no warranties on the functionality of the said third party applications or additional properties which the user has installed, disturbance or defects caused by the third party applications or additional properties. SOK is not liable for any damages related to or caused by the said third party applications or additional properties.

Use of cookies

The www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service utilises cookies, aka small text files, on the management and user survaillance of service’s session that are saved to user’s computer. The cookies are used to analyze how the user uses the web service. The cookies save certain information on the user, and the saved information contains browser identification data, data on the use of the web site and data on the IP address of the user’s computer.

web service utilises a certain user surveillance service in order to analyze the usage of the web site. The collected data will be forwarded to the user surveillance service servers, located in Finland, on which servers this data will be stored. Information acquired during the user surveillance may also be assigned to third parties, if required by legislation, or, if a third party handles the information on behalf of SOK. SOK utilises the statistics in the development of S Group’s business activities.

The user may, if chosen by the user, reject the use of the cookies by changing the preferences on the Internet browser. Rejecting the use of the cookies may, however, affect on the functioning of the site. By using the www.sokoshoteltorni.fi web service the user agrees and consents to that the information is handled in a manner described above.

Conversations, blogs and comments

Conversation forums, blogs and commentary possibilities are for constructional and pertinent exchange of ideas. All users must comply with the rules concerning the web service.

shall not verify in advance any information which comes up in conversations, blogs or comments. If necessary, SOK shall remove such information that violates the Terms of Use, rules concerning the web service, law or good practice, when the infringement comes to SOK’s notice. SOK is not liable for users’ or bloggers’ writings or any consequences resulting from the writings, neither for data prepared or added to the service by the users. The contents of the conversations, comments and blogs are at user’s own risk. The user is liable for his or her own actions, and the user may incur legal responsibility for his or her writings should the writings violate the law.

The bloggers and users are obliged to inform their e-mail addresses in connection with their writings. The address will not be used for marketing purposes. SOK has the right to contact the users and bloggers in matters concerning their writings.

In conversations, blogs and comments one is not allowed to:
- incite into an offence or violation
- express impertinent and offensive comments on other conversationists or write racist texts
- present illegal, offensive or pornographic material
- create links to files or sites which contain criminal, offensive, illegal racist or pornographic material
- submit personal data or images of private persons without their consent
- use copyright protected material or copy text direct from other publications
- market or advertise a product or service
- send the same message more than once or re-add messages that once have been removed

Should the user notice these rules to be violated, we ask user to report of violations with the “reporting button”, which is shown in the context of each message.

These Terms of Use shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Finland.

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