What’s your job at Torni and how long have you worked here?

I’ve been the host of O’Malley’s since 1 June 2007. My job is to develop and innovate the operations in O’Malley’s, and to look after the well-being of our staff and customers. We organise theme nights, events for our regulars, and product tastings. I also maintain out product portfolio and make sure that it’s attractive, versatile and in line with our business logic.

How Irish are the Finns, on average?
Your man in the street here in Finland isn’t that different from Irish Bob. Perhaps the only difference is that we’re slightly more shy than the Irish at first. The weather in Ireland is almost as useless as here, so it’s a great topic of conversation - over a pint of course.

What draws beer people to Irish beers?
First of all it’s hard to get Irish beers into Finland, there aren’t that many brands here. Ireland is known as the home of Guinness, and ‘black gold’ is the most popular brand. Its black colour and deep, thick consistency may look strange at first, but the first taste of velvety soft Guinness will sweep any doubts away. Irish ales are often creamy, fresh and fruity, and perfect for social occasions. They are usually also less alcoholic than Finnish lager, which means that a pint or two after a heavy day at work won’t hurt you that much.

What is the most popular product at O’Malley’s, are there any trends in Irish beers?
The most popular drink at O’Malley’s is beer, lots of specialty beers, mainly from the British Isles and Ireland. The most popular brands are Guinness and the Belgian Stella Artois. The most popular menu order is our legendary Fish & Chips.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is standing behind the bar and chatting with people about beers and the events of the day. I like socializing with the regulars and other familiar customers. In a way, O’Malley’s is a living room, where old and new guests meet. We get lots of international customers and guests from the hotel. I enjoy listening to the mix of different languages at the bar and answering questions about our food and drinks from our international guests.