What’s your job at Torni and how long have you worked here?
My first stretch at Torni was at the beginning of the 1980s, but then I spent a few years elsewhere. Since coming back, I’ve now been here for six years. My job is to look after our staff’s well-being, customer service and the financial results of Torni’s restaurants.

What makes Torni a pioneer in the restaurant business, and what keeps you successful year after year?
Torni has always made an effort to keep up with the times. The principle is that whenever a new global trend emerges, we’ll be the first to offer it in Finland. Even today we follow Director Soiro’s slogan: again something new at Torni.

How does Torni’s cuisine compare on the Finnish and international levels?
Torni has always had very determined kitchen staff. We are an attractive employer, people actively seek to work here, and we have also helped many people to get ahead in their careers. Our offering may not be as gimmicky as in some of the Michelin restaurants, but in terms of taste we are definitely on a par with them.

The legendary Torni restaurant, the American Bar that is famous for its cocktails and bar tenders, and the Ateljee Bar with the best views in the city – how big a part do these unique settings play in Torni’s success?
Torni’s key word is versatility. Our restaurants have distinct and different missions. O’Malley’s caters for people who like their beers and a relaxed atmosphere, the American Bar prepares cocktails to perfection, and the Ateljee Bar is one of its kind. Perhaps I should also add that the American Bar has been ranked in the top three in both years by the Viisi tähteä (Five stars) trade magazine.

Most memorable events or guests?
Prince Philip and his guests enjoyed our scenic cabinet more than an hour longer than planned; it was a festive, but warm-spirited occasion. Others worth a mention include Harry Belafonte, Roger Moore, Finnish presidents Mr Koivisto and Mr Ahtisaari, and, of the recent visits, Oliver Kahn, the long-term goal keeper in the German national football team.